Friday, June 29, 2007

Beware of UFO's

UFOs everywhere I look! (UnFinished Objects--or as I like to call them, the status quo) The grey soaker was an attempt to make a night time solution for Trapper's diaper issues. He HATES it and will not wear it. Great. Glad I wasted my time on that one. At least I didn't waste time finishing the cuffs. The waistband is bi colored b/c I was trying to use up scraps. The rainbow soaker is for a friends' baby to wear in at least 12 months. It's a tad bigger than I anticipated, but that's my own fault. I hate the mere idea of swatching--so I've never done it. I've yet to have something really be screwed up beyond wearability. The yarn is the skein I dyed way back in the day and the pink is some Purewool I dyed the other week.

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