Friday, June 1, 2007

Another attempt to avoid the frump!

Update--that fishing line was itchy as hell and I cut the beads off the second I got home. Back to the ol' drawingboard. But it did look cute.

No, the zebra isn't part of the top. That's a napkin strategically placed to help show the neckline and hide the size of the shirt.

I'm total stoked about this. $7 for the tank at Old Navy on clearance, $1.88 for the turquoise beads at Walmart, free ultra thin fishing line from my neighbor--not too shabby. Since I'm the tank top queen, I needed a fancy-Sunday-go-to-meeting tank, LOL.

And the coolest part is that it took me five minutes, so I can just clip the beads off and save them when i want to wear it plain. For most people that would be too much of pain in the ass, but hey, I'm not most folks........................


megan said...

OMFG you are so cute!! All three of you!!! I miss you Brianne, when can we hang out?! And for real this time, not like "Oh we should hang out" like we always lament but then don't get together. :)

Miss T said...

What a great idea to jazz up a shirt! Have you figured out an alternative to the fishing line?