Wednesday, December 5, 2007

There should be a bad blogger award. I haven't updates since JUNE! You'll just have to trust me, I've done some crafty stuff. Plus, I'm having another baby! Whoot--due March 10, 2008 and it's a GIRL. So lots of fun, girly crafts, YAY!

Here's some recent stuff:
Up first, a soaker for my friend Betsy's new daughter, Georgia. The trim is Lion wool, the body is undyed Purewool, 3 ply. As usual, I've used the Punk Knitter's free pattern. Size Sm/med because I used a smaller needle on the medium pattern. The legs are a bit snug which is leading me to consider buying this pattern by Radiant Twist.

Also, on the creative frontier, I've made a toddler backpack and crayon roll for our neighbor girl's birthday on Saturday. She already loves to wear backpacks, so I figured this would be a great gift.

My crayon roll is far, far less complicated that the one I gave credit to for the idea--mine rolls up a little chunkier, but I think it was less work. Plus it has a flap like needle rolls so the crayons won't fall out. I cut 2 rectangles, one from denim the other from a woven cotton/poly blend, measuring 15x20. Sew right sides together, leaving a hole to turn. Turn. Figure out where you would like the fastener to be--I did mine almost halfway up the 14" and place it in the seam. I used a bright-colored hair elastic instead of a ribbon since I'm giving this to a 2 year-old who can't tie a bow. Topstitch all around. I folded one of the long edges up approx 2.5" and pinned. Then using a long ruler, I put a pin every 1/2", which holds 2 crayons perfectly. Now, my measurements did not equal 12 (24 pack of crayons) perfect slots--I knew I'd have an inch to account for, so I make 1/2" seams on each end. I sewed each little pocket, making sure to backstich so it won't fall apart down the road. It's done! All you do is fold the flap over and roll it up! Sweet!

Stay tuned, 'cause I've got several Christmas crafts and one neice's bedroom to post about. I swear it won't be another six months.

Okay, who am I kidding? No one is reading this anyway!

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Anonymous said...

I READ THIS! And I was so happy to see you've finally posted an update! Jesus Christ in a sidecar, you do deserve an award for "Most Time Elapsed Since Last Post in a Blog That Is Not Officially Dead." Or something like that.

Got any names picked out yet?

-Megan (it wouldn't let me post without signing in or choosing anonymous)